Texas general manager: optimistic about renewal passer Crowney

For Jadeveon Clowney, the Houston Texans are making every effort to ensure that the contract is renewed.

“I won’t discuss the progress of Madden Coins the negotiations openly, but I’m optimistic about completing the renewal,” Brian Gaine, Texas general manager, said at a press conference on Friday.

Clauney will play the new season with a rookie contract worth more than $12 million. Texans’ renewal efforts have been going on for some time. Last month, NFL official website reporter Mike Garafolo reported that the two sides have made some progress, but there are still renewal agreements that may be completed in a few months. Big differences.

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated reporter, said that Clawney would receive a huge contract for renewal.

“(I like his) height, weight and speed,” Gaine said when talking about Cloughey. “His data, performance, rush-passing ability. He is a destructive player. He has done a good job in preventing run. So we try to keep our core player. We hope he can be a part of the core.”

Gain’s praise for Clauney does not even fully describe Crowney’s performance. The 2014 pick has grown to become one of the league’s best defensive forwards.

For Texas fans, healthy Crowney, J.J. Watt, and Whitney Mercilus are the best dreams together. It may take some time for Clawney to renew his contract, but the Texans will eventually complete the contract.

Everyone on the team is supporting each other

The Spurs lost to the Warriors 97-110 at home today, and fell behind 0-3 in the first round of NBA Live Coins  the playoffs. After the match, the head coach of the Spurs, Ettore Messina, accepted the interview.

A reporter asked Messina whether the incidents that occurred before the game had a negative impact on the team’s concentration. Messina replied: “No, I don’t think so. I think they are all excellent jobs. The player is also a very good person.From the team’s point of view, this is my answer.From a personal point of view, I guess any different individual will experience his personal feelings. For me, this is not It may be measured, every player has done a great job, and the people working on this team, the team’s employees, are trying to support each other and face this moment in the way they should. Go and support a friend.”

Messina praised the team’s performance. He said: “I think the players played very hard in all three games.”

Messina said the team played defense on the court, but the offense was the biggest problem for the Spurs.

It is expected that opponents will become more aggressive

In the match today, the Pacers lost 97-100 to the Cavaliers. The coaches and players NBA Live Coins after the match were interviewed.

Coach Nate McMillan said he expects his opponent to become more aggressive.

“The Cavaliers have adjusted the starting lineup, but they have become more aggressive as we expected. We know that the opponent’s new starting will play with a sense of urgency,” McMillan said.

Myers Turner said that he can’t wait to return home.

“We really wanted to go home with a score of 2-0, but we won a game on the road and the team was doing a great job. I couldn’t wait to play back in front of the Indiana fans. I hope Teammates are all ready and I know they will,” said Turner.

In this game, Turner played 36 minutes, 7 of 12 shots and got 18 points and 5 rebounds.

Du Shao basketball is a suicide

The 2017-18 season of the NBA playoffs continued and the Golden State Warriors took home NBA MT Coins the second match with the San Antonio Spurs. After the whole game, the Spurs took the Warriors 101-116 and the total score was 0-2 behind.
In this campaign, Durant played efficiently. He played 39 minutes, shot 10 of 19, scored 32 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds and 1 block.
Perhaps the G1 won more easily, today’s Warriors, after the game opened completely without the accuracy and intensity of a game, they may think that as long as the step by step to play, you can easily pass in this round of the series.
It is very likely that Durant thinks that after the G2 was opened, Du Shao’s offense seemed very casual. Frankly speaking, in the Spurs, no one really can limit Du Shao. As long as there is a ball in hand, Du Shao’s offense can be described as arbitrary.
However, Du Shao played a little too casually in the first half. Although his shots are still hit, his offensive power has not diminished. But at halftime, he played more like a Durant during the Thunder. He took the ball and attacked, despite his teammate Durant.
In the half, Durant scored 17 points. From there, he scored 3,089 points in the playoffs, surpassing Julius Irving’s 22nd place in history. However, Durant’s play was failing. He played too selfishly, but he did not drive the whole. Because of this, the first two quarters of the Warriors have been passive, even facing the risk of losing.
However, through the adjustment of the intermission, I do not know the coach’s point, or their own awareness, Durant changed the game. After the easy side, he took the initiative to connect with McGee on the first attack. Since then, he has no longer occupied the ball right. Instead, he has the patience to run without the ball and interspersed.
Durant’s change quickly improved the Warriors’ offensive efficiency. The Warriors who could not afford the third quarter quickly went online and the balance of the game quickly fell to the Warriors side.
It turns out that Durant without a ball is even more terrible than when he has a ball. When he takes a smart position to lure the enemy, he always pays attention to the position of his teammates and is always ready to switch between pass and attack modes. The Spurs’ defense also faltered. In the third quarter, Du Shao’s shooting efficiency increased rather than decreased. He shot all three points and three shots. What’s even more amazing is that Du Shao is still able to shift to a large extent and help Tang San hit a third point.
Originally, there was a gap between the Spurs and the Warriors in the overall combat strength, and with Durant playing a reasonable basketball, this gap naturally increased.
Although, to the last quarter, the Spurs still stubbornly bite. But completely recovering the offensive inspiration and completely finding the inspiration of Durant has become unstoppable. As Du Shao scored to break the 30 mark, the game once again lost its suspense.

The NFL will change the rules of the game each year

In recent years, in order to protect players, the NFL will change the rules of the game each year, improve the safety of training methods, strengthen medical programs, and educate players and clubs about the danger of Madden Coins concussion. The NFL also launched a concussion check process with the NFLPA. Players must use this process to check for the risk of concussion or other brain injuries. As the sole protector of the player’s head, the quality of the helmet has a direct impact on the player’s career. Therefore, the NFL and the player’s union pay special attention to helmet testing. This year, the NFL tested a total of 34 helmets, 10 of which were unqualified, according to the NFL. The helmet investigation revealed that these 34 helmets cover the helmet models used by 98% of players last season.

NFL health and safety department executive Jeff Miller told ESPN that this is the fourth consecutive year that the NFL and NFLPA have performed helmet quality testing. It will continue to follow and he hopes the players will choose better helmets. “If your helmet If you are in red in the picture, then take the time to change it.In the past few years, helmets worn by players have become more and more standards-compliant and safer. I think this is an important move, which will undoubtedly Improve the safety and health of the players. The purpose of testing helmets every year is to ensure that players can stay away from injuries and introduce safer helmets every year.”

If the NFL investigation found that Wally violated

If the NFL’s investigation found that Madden Coins Wally violated the individual’s code of conduct in this conflict, he may face the league’s ban on the suspension. At the same time, the nature of the matter is inconclusive. Perhaps Wally will also face imprisonment.

When the Philadelphia Eagles heard about this, they first issued an official statement: “We are collecting more information on Darryl Wally’s arrest.” The Hawks later determined to cut the newcomer. At this time, it was only 33 days since Wally officially joined the Hawks.

Coincidentally, Wally was not the first new team member to get into trouble. The first strength player Michael Bennet who was introduced during the Hawks offseason was also accused of harming the elderly. At present, the lawsuit is still lingering and the future of the new season is uncertain. Both of the signing hawks paid a corresponding price, and Bennett made the Eagles pay an extra receiver Marcus Johnson and a five-rounder. Compared with the Patriots, the operation of the Eagles in the free market is still very immature, and the taste of bamboo baskets can be unfavorable.

I need a halve of half of Rome Liverpool half

Speaking of the two old clubs FIFA Coins in the UEFA Champions League semifinals, the former Norwegian international John Riise joked that “I need a half Rome and half Liverpool jersey.”

The Norwegian left-back defender played in the Red Army for seven seasons, then joined the Red Wolf Legion in 2008 and played in Serie A for three seasons.

“Of course it happened… Liverpool-Roman semifinal!” Risse wrote on his official Twitter, “At least one of my teams will be in the finals! I need a half Roman half Liverpool. The jerseys are printed with No. 6 and No. 17 behind…”

“I’m very happy that my two clubs have entered the semifinals. Now one of their teams will be in the finals. It’s amazing! I’m very happy and proud to have played for these two clubs. The atmosphere will be incredible. They have the best fans in the world!”

There are many teams interested in me

The Egyptian star Elnini in the FIFA Coins Arsenal array said recently that many clubs were interested in himself before the team and the team completed the contract.

Elnani said: “There are some clubs that are interested in me because I didn’t get enough playing time. Maybe they think they can sign me or even rent to sign me. I heard similar news like everyone else. But I’m not interested in it at all.

“I told people in the club that I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to fight for my position. I believe in myself. I have a dream to achieve. I will not give up my dreams. My dreams are very ambitious. This is one of the greatest clubs in the world and I want to stay.

“The club recognized my decision and this is the final outcome. People will say: ‘You did not play enough games, maybe you should leave or rent to join other teams’. But I still want to prove myself here. I played in the first game of the season, the Community Shield game, and I proved that I have the ability to play for Arsenal and fight for the position on the court.”

Lyon intends to invite former Paris coach Blanco to coach next season

According to the “French football” message, Lyon intends to FIFA Coins invite Blanco to coach next season.

Blanco has been spending his time at home since he left class in Paris in 2016. Earlier in an interview, he had said that he was likely to teach at the hill, but only if the other party’s plan was of interest to him.

It is reported that Lyon’s chairman Ola plans to replace current coach Lyonio de Lyon, while Blanco is an object of attention for Lyon. Once Blanco returned to the French court, his former assistant coach in Paris and the current head coach of Saint-Etienne, Garcé, is likely to leave St. Etienne to assist Blanco.

Dort Driver This is still the best job in the world

On April 11 last year, the Bundesliga Dortmund FIFA Coins suffered a terrorist attack before the UEFA Champions League and Monaco. In that attack on the bus, Dortmund defender Batra was injured and the team was affected.

Today it has been a year since the Dortmund bus attacked the terrorist attack.

At that time, the injured Batra and coach Tuchel have left Dortmund, and the 47-year-old bus driver Schultz is still working in Dortmund.

Schultz was still driving between Dortmund’s bus and the hotel between the hotel and the Iduna Signal Park. It was just a short time ago that an attack took place at the hotel.

Schultz still loves the job: “I have the best work in the world for the best team in the world.”