Horford We fell into the trap of opponents

Earlier in the regular season, the Celtics 113-116 loss to the pelicans, seven-game winning streak ended.

After the game, the Celtics inside  NBA Live Coins Al-Horford talked about the game. Hoferd said: “We are motivated by them and play the way they want them to.” They play in unrestrained way and shoot.

The game, Celtic shot thirds up to 50 times, the final hit 19 one-third.

Hoferde said, “Too Much … I know the third is a trend in the league today, but that’s a bit too much, and we’ve got to go back to the video and try to figure out what’s going on.”

The game, Horford  NBA Live Mobile Account debut 37 minutes, 9 of 5 to get 14 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists and 1 steal 1 block.

We will keep Randolph and Carter on the cut in some games

Today, the Kings lost to NBA Live Coins Thunder 88-95. Turning to the rotation of the team after King’s head coach Dave Jolgai, he said Zach Randolph and Vince Carter will be retiring in a few games without letting them play every game.

So far this season, Randolph played NBA Live Mobile Account 38 times, averaging 25.2 minutes, you can get 14.8 points, 6.9 rebounds and 2.0 assists; Carter played a total of 26 games so far, averaging 15.2 minutes, you can get 4.1 points and 1.9 rebounds 1.0 Assists.

Triano talked about defeat: the team lacked

Today’s game sun fiasco LOLGA in the Pacers, the team after the game coach Jay – Triano also made a response.

For the team’s performance, Teriano said both the lack of energy offensive and defensive.

“I think the team lacked energy and did not know why, at both ends of the floor, as is true,” Triano said. “On the offensive end, we did not cut in accurately; on the defensive end, when the opponent moved It will be half a beat. ”

After the game the sun record to 16 wins and 28 losses, ranking the western eleventh.

Kuzma talks about Gasol

Today, the Lakers beat NBA Live Coins the Spurs 93-81 at home, after the Lakers striker Kyle – Kuzma in an interview about why the recent team can have a good defensive performance.

“Try not to score opponents, stand in their place and watch many videos,” Kuzma said.

Commenting on the empty call from his teammate Little Larry-Nance, Kuzma said: “The dunk was better because Pop had a bad pass.”

When it comes to defending Paul Gasol, Kuzma said: “It was fun and his skills were good and although he is old, it’s still fun to defend him.”

In addition, Kuzma said the team’s dedication to passing has been a huge contribution to NBA Live Mobile Account the team’s recent success.

The game, Kuzma played 30 minutes, 12 voted 3 to get 10 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

Pistons away victory over the Nets defeat

The first match, the piston under the leadership of Tobias – Harris and Bullock inside and outside NBA Live Coins the combination of continuous points, the Pistons quickly mastered the game initiative, and the Nets team Crabbe hit two consecutive 3-pointers after the opening, Joe – Harris also continued on the 3-point fire, helping the Nets bite the score. After the first official suspension, the Pistons adjusted their tactics and made continuous use of pick-and-rolls to create opportunities in the cast. Harris and Bradley frequently scored points while the Nets shot down one-third from the third. The Pistons’ scores were widened. The first race End, Pistons 34-26 ahead 8 points.

The second quarter, the Pistons to strengthen the defense, the Nets offense has been checked, they are able to hit the 4 3-pointers before the ball can hit, the piston under the leadership of Drummond well control the rebound. In this section of the game, Drummond’s offensive inside is very stable, he repeatedly dunks in the basket storm score, helping the Pistons will widen the difference between the points. Although Crabbe hit two 3-pointers in a row after a pause, Pistons then remained firmly on the paint and after the end of the session, the Pistons had led the Nets as much as 22 points.

The third quarter, Block and Tobias – Harris once again work together to score points to help the Pistons will continue to expand the points difference, while the Nets 3-pointers here still did not find the touch, they can only rely on Zeller and Hollin Sri Lanka – Jefferson storm zero piecemeal, this section game 6 minutes and 16 seconds when the Pistons have led the Nets more than 29 points, the game early into the garbage time trend. After the suspension back, Bradley throws the basket scoring, helping the Pistons will widen the score gap to 30 points. The final three games over, Pistons leading 29 points, early into the garbage time.

The fourth quarter, the Pistons NBA Live Mobile Account opening also played a small spurt of 8-3 score, 8 minutes and 20 seconds at the end of the game, the Pistons continue to hit a wave of 6-0 attack climax, then both sides replaced by a substitute team , The Nets under the leadership of Stascons hit 3 consecutive hit points will be reduced to 30 points, and then Toplink also hit 3 points, the Pistons still leading 33 points, the game has long been lost suspense, the final piston easily won A big victory.

When the number of long shots hit by the crisis rockets

Houston Rockets tomorrow will be NBA Live Coins sitting at home against the Portland Trail Blazers, which is the second regular season for both sides to play against each other, the first clash in the December 10, the Rockets large score 124-117 defeated open up By.

The last game against the Bulls, the Rockets have taken the initiative from the beginning, offense and defense are in place, although after the Bulls crazy counterattack, or won. The game, the Rockets a total of 20 of 54 shots from beyond the arc, this is the Rockets this season, the seventh single single-third shot more than 50 times.

When the number of long shots hit by the crisis rockets was phenomenal, Paul said, “How many of us have put in? 20? That’s normal for us, and we’ve been able to cast that number of balls most of the night.”

In fact, the Rockets have become NBA Live Mobile Account increasingly dependent on pointers when James Harden is out of the game, trying to make up for breakthroughs and reduced free throws by shooting three-pointers. In Harden’s four-game absence, the Rockets averaged 19.0 fewer free throws per game from 26.5 in the league to 21.5 in the league, while the three-point shooting went up from 43.3 to 46.3. Rockets coach D’Antoni said in an interview that the rocket’s tactics are to break the layup, three-pointers and foul three combination of the team a game beyond the arc outside the shot depends on each other’s defense, the team will continue Play fast break and one-third tactical.

I never set myself an upper limit or the threshold you want to reach

Prior to today’s match, Knight star LeBron James has 136 points to become the seventh LOLGA  player in NBA history to score 30,000 career points. In an interview before the game, he talked about whether he was chasing former NBA player Karim Abdul-Jabbar, who ranked 38787 points first in NBA history regular-season total score.

“No, I did not, and in my statistics on career statistics, I never thought of chasing anyone, and I think it enabled me to achieve what I could accomplish. I never set myself an upper limit or I Listen, I feel fortunate to be able to play, this is my 15th year, for me now, everything is an extra bonus for me, to spend the first One year, the second or the third year, I spent my rookie contract and done what I did, and I’m grateful I can still play at this level, “James said.

Not today’s game, James averaged 37.2 minutes to get 27.6 points and 8.1 rebounds and 9.1 assists 1.72 steals 1.03 blocks.

Oladipi 15 points brother 17 points

After the start of the game, the two sides LOLGA  quickly entered the state, you come to me alternately, Hansen’s tipped to help the Bucks made 10-8 start. However, in the next game, the Bucks offensive suddenly blocked in the last 7 minutes and 45 seconds of the section, the Bucks only scored two goals in the campaign, the Pacers began to force the public officers and soldiers, relying on waves 29-6 offensive orgasm, the first section of the game at the end of the Pacers 37-16 lead.

Second section, Middleton up hit 3 + 1 to help the Bucks break scoring drought, but this did not block the Pacers offensive, the home team is a wave of 11-0 attack climax, the Pacers rewrite the score 48-21 . Brogde’s layup finally awake sleeping teammates, Bledsoe, Hansen, brother and other letters have meritorious deeds, but the first half of the truce, the Bucks are still 38-64 behind the Pacers.

Consecutive goals, the Bucks will chase the score 50-74. Walker public figures are not far behind, Collison outside soared in the third ball, the Pacers will be expanded to as many as 29 points. Middleton scored 2 consecutive goals to help the Bucks stabilize the morale, Bledsoe also scored three points outside, but then Bledsoe received a personal foul of the fifth. Oladipo’s buzzer layup helped the Pacers lead 88-65 at the end of three games.

The distal, the Pacers firmly in control of the rhythm of the court, 6 minutes and 30 seconds before the whistle, the Pacers rewrite the score 101-77. Big Bu behind the Bucks at this time instead of playing more easily, despite the subsequent wave of 19-4 play a small climax, but no use at all, the final Bucks 96-109 loss to the Pacers.

Leisi Ke did not expect to sign Gomes easier than expected

Strasser Sports Secretary Rasheek recently www.lolga.com said in an interview he did not expect Wolfsburg so easily let go of Gomez.

In an interview, Rachel said: “Wolf a few weeks ago, coach Wolf asked me, ‘Riesch, to be honest, how likely is it that we sign Gomez?’ Then I said, Frank, frankly, I do not think there is a possibility, which is very difficult. ”

But in the end, Stuttgart signed Gomez at 3 million euros. “After we had several conversations with Wolfsburg and found that the actual opportunities were bigger than we expected, Of course, the key factor we can sign him is because Stuttgart is attractive to all the old people who used to be. “

I would like to thank the team for providing this opportunity

According to Ailene Voisin, a reporter for NBA Live Coins  the Sacramento Bee newspaper, season-long defender George Hill struggled on the court and the numbers have dropped compared to last season.

For his performance, Hill said: “I am very depressed, I have never experienced such a situation, never. This is not what I expected, more difficult than I expected. I think as a team, we We love to be with each other and like to do something together, but we are still trying to learn from each other, and this is a different way of playing and I have to find a way to solve the problem.

In the king, Hill must adapt to the team with a different lineup. Hill said: “No matter what they let me do, we’re trying to train young players and put them on the floor. With so many young players who experience only a year or less of the NBA, you suffer setbacks.” My point is that when you play like a Spurs, you learn to play in the right way, they promise, they talk to each other, they work hard to cover their teammates, and they invest in each other and we have to learn better. ”

King coach Dave – Jorg said: “When you play faster, you always hear me say, ‘fast, fast, we have to hurry, we are too slow.’ As a young We scored a lot on many occasions, and then we relaxed on the defensive end, or we played faster, and then we relaxed the defense, it was like a bout of one round of bouts for you, just that we started too slow.”

Hill played for the Spurs for three seasons, the Spurs coach Gregg Popovich comments Hill said: “Hill is a player who focuses more on playing methods, he likes to execute tactics, like the players at He wants the consistency and controllability. He is not the kind of intuitive player, but he can do more than play faster, although I do not think it’s his favorite style of play. Err plays hard and he admits mistakes when he messed up. He is selfless and this is something he has to love because we have Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and we need to get Tall player, in which case I dealt him. ”

Hill talked about the possibility of being traded, he said: “One thing I learned is that you have to get your baggage packed and you never know it. And if that happened, that happened. But I have a very good relationship with the locker room, and the team too.If I left, I would look at them and shake hands with them and thank them for the opportunity. ”

Hill will soon welcome his first daughter, saying: “It gives me great excitement and hopefully this will help us be better in the new year.”

Hill played 33 times this season, averaging 27.1 minutes, shooting 46.0%, three-point shooting 47.0%, you can get 10.1 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.7 assists.